Alluring Seychelles

Located 4˚ south of the Equator in the western Indian Ocean is an exotic archipelago of 115 granitic and coralline islands miraculously preserved from the ravages of modern times. Discover the captivating charm of clear turquoise waters embracing the sun-kissed, powder-soft beaches of these pristine island treasures set against a spectacular backdrop of rocky outcrops and emerald green mountains.

Home to world-renowned beaches, these island jewels are blessed with an astonishing variety of flora and fauna, with an abundance of endemic plants, birds and a vibrant marine life nestled in the colourful coral reefs of its Marine Parks. Boasting two World Heritage Sites, the Aldabra Atoll and the Vallée de Mai on Praslin, the Seychelles continue to mesmerise with their ceaseless natural splendour.

The islands enjoy warm tropical weather all year-round, with the temperatures ranging from 24-32° C.

The Seychellois people represent a melting pot of African, European and Asian heritages, who have added a unique flavour to the country’s culture, epitomised by vivacity and warmth. Reputed to be the smallest capital in the world, situated on Mahé, the largest island in the archipelago, is the bustling and colourful capital city of Victoria.

From diving with turtles, kayaking in the warm azure ocean, getting adventurous on picturesque hikes and experiencing the energetic local culture, the Seychelles provide an alluring taste of life in paradise.